Does using an elliptical exercise machine worsen osteoarthritis in knees?



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    Elliptical exercise machines are recommended for people with knee osteoarthritis because it is a low-impact form of exercise that keeps the joints moving without extra stress. Other low-impact exercises for someone with knee osteoarthritis include exercise bikes and water exercise.

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    Using an elliptical machine can also help strengthen the knee muscles, which is a great way to help ease the pain of osteoarthritis and prevent the disease from progressing further. You’ll also be improving your flexibility and balance as you gently work the knee, which are other important factors in helping to abate pain. It’s important to note that the vigor and intensity of the exercise should be informed by a doctor’s opinion and the exercises completed on the machine should be tailored by to each individual to prevent further injury or making the osteoarthritis worse.

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    Standard elliptical machines have a pedal trajectory significantly different from that of a trajectory used for walking or using a treadmill. This increased path of movement allows for exercise with reduced impact — a wise choice for those with conditions like osteoarthritis. However, it should be noted that the wide trajectory of elliptical machines requires a greater amount of hip and knee flexion. Individuals with injuries in these areas should consider avoiding heavy elliptical use. 

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