Does the military use any hybrid vehicles when they are in the states?



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    Yes, the U.S. Army has been experimenting with hybrid vehicles in its administrative vehicle fleet which is based in the United States. A few years ago Quantum Fuel Systems Technology was awarded a contract to provide hydrogen-fueled Ford Escape Hybrid vehicles for administrative use. While this appears to have been a pilot program, it’s interesting to note that Quantum is the same company that built the Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV), a diesel hybrid vehicle, for use with special forces deployed overseas (presumably in Afghanistan). Hybrids still aren’t common in the military fleet, but the Department of Defense’s moves in this area leave some room for optimism that the Army and other services may eventually become greener in their vehicle usage policies.

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    Though hybrid vehicles have not been employed in huge numbers, the military has begun to dabble in hybrid technology. The Army is set to unveil its diesel-electric hybrid humvee prototype, the Demonstrator Bravo. The vehicle is big and hefty as you would expect with any military vehicle, but has a mean hybrid engine under the hood. It is even stated that the vehicle can provide small amount of power to mobile outposts if needed.

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