Does the US have laws to regulate factory farms?



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    Some. On a federal level, most factory farms are required to have National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit due to the Clean Water Act. However, the granting of this permit, usually handled by EPA, can be delegated to the states, in which case the farm does not have to abide by certain extra regulations from the National Historic Preservation Act. There are also regulations on a local level that vary from state to state, such as Ohio’s law that give regulative powers over factory farms to the EPA.

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    Most of the factory farm regulations come from the state agencies, and not the US federal system. The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project’s website is an excellent source of information if you want to read more about advocacy for legislation against factory farms.

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    These kinds of laws are mostly regulated by states, as sfincher and mercurycommunication mention. In this vein, there is a wide variety of laws out there.

    A recent battle in the war against unethical treatment of animals is taking place in Florida and Iowa (and probably many other states), where legislators, at the behest of agriculture lobbyists, are considering bans on undercover photography at factory farms. See the article linked below for more information.

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