Does the U.S. military do anything positive for the environment?



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    Yes it does!  Or rather, it is making efforts to reduce energy use.  The military is investing in solar, wind and geothermal power to run their bases.  It is starting to use smart grid technology and .  The Dyess Air Force Base in Texas has been run on 100% renewable energy since 2000 and the Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington is also fully powered by renewable energy sources.  It has wind farms on Ascension Island and in Wyoming.  By 2013, the military is mandated to get 7.5% of its energy from renewables, and it seems that efforts are underway to make it far more than that.  Fort Irwin in the Mojave Desert is taking advantage of the copious sunlight by improving energy efficiency with solar panels and using insulation to reduce the need for cooling systems in tents.  Plug-in cars are also being used at the base.

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