Does the US and Canada share renewable energy?



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    The vast majority of energy comes from fossil fuels for both countries. Therefore, most renewable energies are used in the same country they are produced in. This is especially true because renewable energy often suffers from transmission problems – it is hard to transport it over long distances. This is especially true of intermittent sources like solar and wind power.

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    About half of Canada’s natural gas is exported to the US, where it provides about 12% of US natural gas consumption.  About 13% of Canada’s oil production is exported to the US, where it constitutes about 20% of total US oil imports.

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    Canada also shares its immense reserves of hydroelectric energy to the US by converting it to electricity. In fact, Canada is the largest supplier of electricity to the US, and a large portion of that electricity is hydroelectric. The two countries share an integrated electrical grid, making it easy for the US to import electricity from Canada and vice versa.

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