Does UPS or fedex have more green vehicles?



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    Both companies are making huge efforts to hybridize their fleets, but UPS is winning so far.

    In 2008, UPS had 2,218 alternative fuel vehicles, some hybrid-electric and some compressed natural gas.  Surprisingly, in 2005 the company developed a route optimization system to find the most efficient way to travel from place to place, minimizing idling and drive distance (it cost $600 million).

    Also in 2008, FedEx was 5 years into its goal of replacing its entire 30,000 truck fleet with hybrids by 2013—and only had 172.  Toward the end of 2009, this number was up to 325 hybrid and hybrid-electric trucks.  This number was brought up from 172 by retrofitting 92 trucks and purchasing the rest.

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