Does the United States have a forest conservation plan if so what is it?



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    There is no one presiding forest conservation plan in the US (arguably because our landscape is too diverse). However, various programs are in place to conserve forests. We have state and national parks, the US Forest Service, state forest services, and local forest initiatives. Different states have various forest conservation acts.

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    Other than the national parks and land that is under protection by the government, we don’t really have much of a forest conservation plan.  We do indeed go through deforestation, but what a lot of people don’t realize (me included until very recently) is that the United States actually plants more trees every year than it cuts down.  The number of trees in the United States has grown steadily in the past century or so, and unfortunately I cannot find the article that I had before to support this.  So yes, our old and natural forests are being cut down, but we do have a general forest conversation plan in the fact that they get replanted and then some every year.

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