Does underwater volcanic activity have any affect on the oceans temerature?



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    Yes. When a Galapagos volcano erupted on April 12, it poured 2150 degree lava into the ocean, which effected the water temperature in nearby waters. Some scientists claim that global warming is caused by underwater volcanoes.

    Off San Diego’s coast, there are underwater volcanoes letting 1800 degree lava spew into the water. Weirdly, there are species adapting and living in this environment.

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    The “underwater volcanoes” off the coast of San Diego are, in all likelihood, hydrothermal vents – quite different from volcanoes.

    The site that suggests global warming is cause by underwater volcanoes has no science and no scientist actually making such a suggestion. Of course subsea volcanism heats up the water locally. The huge volume of water in the ocean also dissapates that heat quite thoroughly.

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