Does typing out school papers instead of writing hand written papers save paper?



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    Typing papers will save more paper than hand-writting a paper. On average, an one page typed paper of about 600 words in 12 point font will take 2-2.5 pages hand written. Even if you were to write front and back, it would still take roughly .5 more pages of paper.

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    You consume energy by running the computer. The consumption will likely be high if you using it to draft longer pieces because you will leave the computer on longer. Additionally if you need to print out the work, then you still use paper, as well as consumer ink, which contains harmful chemicals and electricity to run the printer. 

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    What greennick and majphan say is true: there are eco-friendly positives to typing on a computer and negative parts of typing on a computer. One intersting aspect to consider, at least when you are in class or in a situation where learning is imperative, you learn more effectively when you are handwriting rather than when you are typing. Of course, at the same time typing can be quicker. There are advantages and negatives to both and in term of which is more green, it all depends on the process you are using. Writing small and conserving paper could work for handwriting, while buying eco-friendly ink and recycled printing paper as well as changing the settings on your computer to save energy will all make computer use more effectively green.

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