Does the type of pan you use when cooking make you use less fuel?



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         Copper bottomed pans for stovetop cooking and glass pans in the oven are the most efficient choices. Copper pans heat much more quickly, so it takes less energy to cook with them. Using glass pans in your oven allows you to reduce cooking temperatures by 25 degrees. Pressure cookers and crockpots are another way to cook more efficiently. 

         To save energy, use a pan that is the same size as the burner you are using. Buying your cookware used from a thrift store on ebay is another energy-saving option. Just make sure the bottoms aren’t warped, since warped bottoms make pans less efficient. 

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    Also, make sure you are using the right pan or pot for the job. Food cooks faster when more of the surface area is touching the bottom.

    In an oven, it’s important to lay food flat on sheet or tray. Stack food on top of each other crowding a pan or tray is going to cause the food to cook more slowly and unevenly.

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