Does the type of fuel you use change the amount of smog your car puts out?



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    Yes. All fuels burn differently and thus produce a different level of smog. Fuels, such as natural gas, that burn completely contribute significantly less to the production of smog than dirty fuels such as gasoline or diesel. Diesel 25% more oil and produces 17% more greenhouse gases than gasoline. Bio-diesel, however, produces zero emissions. Gasoline with ethanol produces slightly less greenhouse gases than regular gasoline.

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    Supposedly, quality fuel can help you pass a smog test. Some people think that buying a brand-name fuel like Chevron can help, but my transportation economics professor told the class that Chevron’s Techron is really not worth the extra money.

    I have received opposing information about the octane level as well. Some people think that high-octane fuel will help you pass smog while others say that low-octane fuel will be better. My boyfriend just passed smog with flying colors by using high-octane fuel, but this forum suggests that low-octane fuel is better. I think it depends on how your car runs. Different cars will do better on different fuels.

    Speaking of different cars and different fuels, it is not a good idea to stick a biofuel in you car without doing some serious tinkering. Some cars are built specially to run on biofuels, but most are not. There are ways to make your car run on a biofuel, but you should research it well before attempting to do it.

    BTW, cox01 is incorrect in saying that bio-diesel has zero emissions. Bio-diesel is a hydrocarbon just like every other fuel we use in internal combustion engines. If grown organically and not farmed with heavy equipment, it may have zero net emissions, but it sill still produce tailpipe emissions. The only cars with zero tailpipe emissions are electric vehicles. You can make your car run off electricity if you replace the engine with an electric motor. Again, you will want to do a little research before attempting that, but there are groups to help you do that.

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