Does treehugger do anything to offset their carbon?



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    Can you rephrase the question, please?  I assume that you mean the website treehugger, in reference to their carbon footprint?

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    I am a treehugger, in that I am an environmentalist who works very hard to keep the old growth forest in my country from being cut down.

    I reduce my carbon footprint by composting, growing my own food, using one light  bulb at a time, turning each off as I leave a room, living in a small apartment which I heat with a small electric fireplace, use power-saver lightbulbs, unplug appliances when not in use, pick up garbage  when out for a walk, eat organic food, recycle, reuse, repair etc. I have one pair of rainboots that cost me $29.00 and they have lasted me more than 20 years since I have had then repaired, and re-heeled twice. I wear clothes that are second hand and give gifts that I pick up at thrift stores, garage sales and find by the side of the road sometimes. In my building we recycle our goods by bringing anything we no longer need downstairs and we then can pick up anything there that we might need. Hello, Christmas gifts. There is more but I am getting tired.

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      I really like the idea of people in a building bringing stuff they are not using anymore to a room for other residents to grab if they can use it. Great idea.

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