Does the trash need to come every week, could we extend it to every 2 weeks?



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    It probably depends on where you live and the size of your household, but many people would begin to have problems if the trash came only every two weeks. Litter might start to show up more in your neighborhood or dumping would become more of an issue.

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    For some people, a trash collection every two weeks would probably be fine. For many people and businesses however, a trash collection would lead to a great deal of trash buildup. This could be problematic when it comes to the treatment of trash as the amount may be overwhelming to current systems. 

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    When I worked as a garbage man during the summer in my hometown in coastal Maine, we had a customer who had his trash collected once every ten years – literally.  He collected it in a garage beside his house, and the town dispatched its entire fleet to park outside his garage and we shoveled the past decade’s worth of waste into the trucks.  The sanitation department was not pleased.

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