Does transportation use the most fuel, or is it power plants?



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    Commercial cars and trucks only contribute about 20-25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Industrial power plants, on the other hands, yield up to 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. By those numbers, we could arrive at the conclusion that power plants consume more overall, including fossil fuels. Luckily renewable energy is on the verge of domination with wind, natural gas, solar, hydropower, etc.

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    Power plants consume more coal; vehicles consume more oil. 70% of oil consumption is in the transportation sector. All renewables – wind, solar, hydro, and other (natural gas is not renewable) – provide about 12% of all US electricity generation. The rest comes from coal, natural gas, and uranium, so there is no way that renewables are on the “verge of domination” – not even remotely close –  and they will not be for a long time. For transportation, oil is far and away the most consumed commodity for liquid fuels – no alternatives have any significant inroads in vehicle fuel. Even if electric cars became common, the electricity to power them will come from coal, natural gas, and uranium for a long time.

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