Does Trader Joe’s sell more organic food than any other market?



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    No, Whole Foods is the largest retailer of organic foods.

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    Trader Joe’s has built a good reputation on their selection of organic products. Whole foods is another grocery chain that specializes in both organic and specialty items. As buying organic foods becomes more and more popular, other grocery chains are increasing their stock in organic foods, so most big grocery stores, like Raleys/Bel Air or Vons/Safeway, now carry a large veriety of organic produce and other food and home prducts.

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    That question is hard to answer, because it asks to quantify something that is very hard to  measure. For example, while Whole Foods might be bigger than Trader Joe’s as a food retailer, how do we know the ratio of non-organic foods to organic foods at either store (neither store sells only organic products). Furthermore, it is very likely that some organic farmer’s market have a much higher ratio of organic products (if not 100% organic), and would therefore sell more organic products per capita.

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