Does Trader Joes carry a lot of eco friendly food?



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    Yes, the have organically grown products, which are grown in a less energy intensive manner.

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    Trader Joe’s carries a large variety of organic foods and is seen as a store for those with health and environment in mind. Just keep in mind that food of this kind can command a more premium price, packaging is still packaging and some of it is just the same as it is in other stores (although they do have a penchant for some to be biodegradable) and the effect of the food on your health can be found on the nutrition facts label, which you should still read to know what you’re eating. Buying food from a health/environmentally aware store, a good health and environment does not make, unless effort is still done on the part of the buyer!

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    All of their food is pretty good for the environment.  They’re committed to improving the environment, and as a result, they offer a wide range of cheap and healthy foods.  They also encourage shoppers to bring their own bags by offering monthly raffles for gift cards if you bring your own.  Overall, Trader Joe’s does an admirable job for the environment.

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