Does the tourism to Costa Rica hurt the rainforest there at all?



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    Yes. All tourism is bad for the environment.  Some hotels can be considered (eco-friendly)  But they still have cut down trees, create sewer systems, create a massive resort.  Then the tourists (obviously being tourists) will create water, food, plastic, and paper waste.  There is increased traffic.  Increased number of planes, along with a slew of other environmental problems.  the only thing that could be possibly good about it is that if the rainforest there is used for tourism, there is a smaller chance of it being cut for industrial use.  

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    Tourism to the rainforests of Costa Rica has become very popular. It is easy to travel there and relatively cheap. It is important for tourists to be very careful and to stay on the trails when they visit the forest. It is best to remain quiet and try to visit areas that are less traveled – more remote parks and natural areas have not been so negatively affected. Donate to the national parks and the organizations so that education and rehabitation efforts can be pursued.

    Also, do not be afraid to alert an official if you see a tourist or guide acting in a negative manner. Encourage others to not kill animals or cut trails really wide.

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