Does Topping a liquid amber tree harmfull. I hear yes and no

I topped 4 liquid ambers and now my neighbor is sueing me for 40,000. They were pruned in winter and now are beautiful, green and full of new growth and sprouting new growth every where..They say I damaged them???? They are great, just shorter..nick



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    Topping in general can hurt trees. Whether or not it actually hurt the liquid amber trees your pruned, I cannot know. But, topping can lead to “epicormic sprouts (that) are weakly attached to the stem and eventually will be supported by a decaying branch”. It can also cause bark ripping. Check out the second link below for instructions on proper pruning, and possibly to see if you did anything wrong.

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    Yeah, topping is a bad practice on many shapes of trees, liquid amber being one of them. Anything that has a clear central trunk that keeps growing upwards shouldn’t be topped, like conifers or liquid amber trees. You can top willows without much harm, though.

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