Does the thinning of trees help a forest grow healthy?



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    Thinning the trees of a forest helps the forest in many ways.  It helps to increase the sunlight, nutrients, and water available to help new trees grow.  This is important in dense forests where little light reaches the forest floor and makes it hard for new trees to grow.  This also creates more food for deer to forage on the forest floor.

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    A good pruning of the forests is good for healthy trees, because overgrowth can lead to water siphoning, in which each tree will not get enough water or sunlight in a given area, and all the trees in the area will suffer or die. Think of it in terms of human overpopulation: if too many people occupy an area, they all deplete the resources much too fast, and there is not enough to go around to sustain said population. This is also why natural forest fires are good (yes, good), because they burn away the older dead trees to make room for newer young trees. The reason forest fires are so bad now-a-days is because too many of the trees are dry and brittle from not having enough water and nutrients, and the small fire turns into a huge problem. 

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