does texting use less energy than calling someone?



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    I was unable to find statistics on a per call versus per text basis. However, in aggregate terms, probably not. Going by how teenagers use cell phones, they now actually use them more for texting than for calling. 50 percent of teens send at least 50 texts per day, 25 percent send at least 100 per day, and 15 percent send over 200 texts per day. I don’t know about you, but there aren’t many days when I call 50 people or more!

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    answered three days ago:

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    A text takes less bandwidth than a call, and is in a single file, rather than a streaming signal. A whole conversation through texts compared to a whole conversation on the phone I’m not quite sure, it was hard to find anything o the matter.

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    It may or may not use less energy considering the amount of the text or the length of the call.

    However I can tell you close to fact that the amount of radiation emitted from a text versus a call is SIGNIFICANTLY less. It may correlate to its energy use.

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    probably, because it usually takes less time to communicate, but if you text back and forth it would eventually use more electricity.

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