Does texting someone require less energy than making a phone call?



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    I don’t really know if this is what you want to know, but it takes less bandwidth to generate a text message than a voice call.  Ultimately that should translate into less energy useage.  Other reasons for texting rather than making a voice call, are that texts are less intrusive if someone is in school, a meeting, at dinner or other times where it wouldn’t be appropriate or courtesy to have a phone conversation, but you really do need to have some response.

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    Well it is more energy consuming to make phone calls than sending text messages.  while making calls most often, one needs to be attentive combined with demonstration with hands and the energy used while talking is quite enormous. on the other hand, it may require mch more time explaining a particular idea while making calls than text messages. Some stand while making calls in order to be more authoritative and all these entail energy consumption. However, this is on the part of the individual making call.

    On the phone itself, the amount of current used while making calls is usually higher than the amount it requires to send text messages. However, this depends on the lenght of text and the time of the call.

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