Does the Tesla S look better than the Roadster?



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    I think so. The S has a smoother, rounder shape than the Roadster, which I tend to prefer in cars.

    Images for comparison:

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    I prefer the body of the Tesla S to the Roadster, I like the sleek design, and the sedan style is much more practical. The S has a greater estimated range, at >300 miles compared to around 240 miles for the Roadster. I’m not looking to get into any underground street races, so the performance of the Tesla S, which can go 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds, would be just fine. The S claims to have a 45-minute quick charge time, which is quite impressive. At half the price of the Roadster, the Tesla S looks like an exciting option for the electric vehicle market. Unfortunately, the vehicles won’t be on the road until 2011.

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    I also like the design of the Tesla S more than the Roadster. It’s definitely targeted toward a different type of driver than the Roadster is. But in terms of raw performance, the Roadster does indeed look to have the upper hand.

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