Does Tesla have the most advanced electric vehicle technology?



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    This is a difficult question; the Tesla Roadster was the first to sell 1,000 electric cars in the U.S., but now Tesla faces competition from other companies. Chevrolet may be ahead of the game now with their plug-in Chevrolet Volt; delivering over 10,000 of these vehicles throughout 2011, the chevrolet Volt hopes to be the leader in plug-in vehicles. Ford, Nissan and Toyota are also competitors in the electric vehicle market. Overall, Tesla may have started somewhere on top with the most advanced technology, but now has competition from other companies.

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    Not necessarily.  They claim to have produced the most efficient electric sports car on the market today.  They are using the same technology as most other manufacturers, however, they have simply found ways to optimize energy usage by reducing aerodynamic drag and mechanical friction.

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