does the temperature of the water make you float better?



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    Yes, a lower temperature will cause you, or any object, to float slightly higher in the water. Consider if the water were completely frozen: you would just sit on top. So if the water is near freezing, the molecules of H20 are very close together and can better hold up an object. When the water is very hot, the molecules are far apart and you “sink” more. Though this effect is sometimes observable, it is usually negligable compared to the salinity of the water (how many salt or other molecules are mixed in) and how full of air the floating object is (for example, whether your lungs are full of air or empty).

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    Although water does expand as temperature increases above (or decreases below) 4 C, this change is almost negligible. Assuming a range of temperatures from 4 C to 40 C for a human who likes swimming in ice cold water as much as taking hot showers, the water will only expand by less than 1%. This expansion would lower the density of the water by the same amount, thus making objects in it slightly more buoyant, although you would probably not notice such a slight change.

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