Does the temperature of the atmosphere change?



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    Yes it does, but it may come as a surprise that it does not just get colder as you get higher in the atmosphere, it goes through cycles of warm and cold. From the ground up to the tropopause of the troposphere, the temperature of the air gets cooler and it stays constant until the ozone layer. This is why clouds that have anvil-shaped heads spread out at the top because clouds moving from areas of low pressure to high pressure no longer expand upward once they reach an air temperature that is warm enough. Then from the ozone maximum through the stratosphere, the temperature increases almost as much as it decreased up through the troposphere. Then it cools dramatically through the mesosphere to around -120 degrees F. Finally the temperature of atmosphere shoots from this below freezing number to nearly 120 degrees F as you get to the thermosphere 120 km in the air.

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