Does television contribute to insomnia?



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    It really varies person to person.  Many people’s insomnia can be easily remedied by taking time to relax and to clear the mind before attempting to sleep.  For many people, the excitement that tv can create in the brain will make it harder for them to sleep.  For others, however, tv seems to have a calming effect that lulls them to sleep. 

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    In general, the artificial light produced by a computer and TV will prohibit the production of melatonin, or the sleep inducing chemical, and can consequently not only disrupt sleep but the depth of sleep attained as well. Thats why it is recommended to turn off all tvs and computers off about an hour before bed to let your body and mind unwind and to start the process of going to sleep. You’re sleep will probably be more restful, and perhaps deeper. If you are experiencing insomnia, its worth a try.

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