Does technology promote laziness?



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    In a sense yes, but this depends on individuals and their tendencies.

    Technology gives us more opportunities to be lazy by making it easier for us to rely on other things to do labor for us, but this can be abused very easily.

    Example: A few years ago, I had neighbors who drove their car down whenever they wanted to come say hi (they lived a dozen houses up the street…. it would have taken them under 5 minutes to walk down!)

    This is not the case for everybody though. From personal experience, it seems that the pattern is the same as with all other things which can be abused: the people who would most easily have become lazy become lazier thanks to technology, while people who would not naturally have become very lazy may become a little lazy or not at all.

    So yes, technology does promote laziness in some individuals.

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    I think technology certainly can promote laziness (being on the computer is probably a lot easier than exercising) but it does not have to. It depends on who you are. You can either be lazy or not. 

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