Does Target really sell fraudulently-labeled organic foods?



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    Honestly, a lot of stores sell fraudulently labeled organic foods.  The problem is that labeling something “organic” these days doesn’t take as much work as you’d hope.  In 2004 the USDA made large-scale, universal changes to the National Organic Program (NOP) including but not limited to: livestock could eat non-organic food even if it contained toxins or synthetic preservatives, cows and calves could be given growth hormones and antibiotics, yet the final product from these animals was still eligible for “Organic” labeling.  

    Even produce wasn’t safe from the changes, “The new pesticide rule allows the use of some pesticides that contain unidentified inert ingredients if a ‘reasonable effort’ has been made to identify them. Before, the ingredients had to be approved before use.”  

    In short, as consumers we can’t rely on stores like Target to get us organic food.  We must find it ourselves.  The best way to ensure you’re getting REAL organic food is grow your own or check for organic labeling that has been certified by a 3rd party other then the USDA.  

    Trust yourself not the man 😉

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