Does tap water get filtered before it gets to your home?



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    Water does go through a filtration process when it gets treated before arriving at your home. From the source, water goes through coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and storage.

    Coagulation removes dirt and other particles suspended in water by adding chemicals like alum, which stick to the dirt particles, causing them to sink to the bottom. These particles are allowed to settle through the sedimentation process. Then the water is filtered through sand, gravel, and charcoal to remove finer particles. Water is usually disinfected with a small amount of choline, then heads onto storage, where it is dispersed by pipes to homes.

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    Municipal water purification – a process that must happen before water is piped into nearly all homes – includes, among many other processes, filtration. Physical filtration is typically one of the first steps, followed by biological filtration (such as filtering water through a sand bed, where bacteria stuck to the sand will ‘eat’ many contaminants and produce cleaner water on the other end), and then chemical treatment with chlorine.

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    Yes, but the extent and process depends on the country. Mexico and China, for example, are famous for their nonpotable tap water.

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