Does tap water contain chemicals that cause cancer?



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    Atrazine has been found in tap water and is considered to be a likely human carcinogen that can also cause hormonal problems in children. It is most commonly used as a weed killer but has been found as a tap water contaminant.

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    Chlorine, which is added to clean water, has been linked to cancer. Fluoride, radium, trihalomethanes, and haloacetic acids are other contaminants found in tap water that may cause cancer.

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    I totally agree. My environmental professor says that we are going to find out that chlorine causes devastating effects on the human body. I mean think about it. It kills everything that comes into contact with it, so why are humans any different?

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    If you are worried about potential carcinogens in your local tap water, you can use the first resource provided below to obtain detailed information about the water in your area.

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    This article suggests that Wal-mart and Giant store brand water bottles are similar to regular tap water. The water purchased was supposedly tainted with chlorine disinfectants, fluoride, and bromodichloromethane. Bromodichloromethane is a chemical that is a cancer causing agent.

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    Hexavalent chromium, the carcinogen made famous by ‘Erin Brockovich,’ was found in the drinking water of 31 out of 35 cities. This was study was made last year and was the first to analyze and make public findings of hexavalent chromium in tap water. At that time, the EPA was discussing whether or not to put restrictions on the carcinogen. I haven’t found whether or not it decided to do that. I don’t mean to make tap water sound unsafe. It is most likely safer than bottled water.

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