Does taking an antibiotic damage your immune system?



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    They can, if used incorrectly.  Misuse and abuse of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance.  The two most common occurances of antibiotic resistance come from doctors prescribing antibiotics when they are not needed and are not helpful (such as in the case of viruses) or when people do not finish taking antibiotics for the prescribed amount of time. When a person does not finish the bottle they were prescribed, the strong bacteria (the ones that have not been killed off yet) are left to multiply and make more strong bacteria that stay in your system.  The next time you have an infection, it is less likely that antibiotics will be able to help rid your body of the bacteria.

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    Antibiotic therapy not only helps to kill off bad disease elements but affects good cell devevelopment. The word attached is ANTI and the immune sysetem is weaken because of the repressed actions of the “cure”. Certainly when infection is concern the use of antibiotics in most cases help to relieve the illness but too much may bring about new complications.

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