Does surfing effect the environment in a negative way?



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    Although surfing itself does not impact the environment in a negative way, many of the necessary equipment and traveling involved in surfing does have a negative impact. Surf boards are made of polymers which are poisonous, and the technology for producing a surfboard has not changed since the 1950’s. The making of a surfboard results in poisonous TDI or MDI fumes, volatile organic compounds, and large amounts of difficult-to-break-down waste. Furthermore, surfers often travel to far-away locations, whether by car or by plane, in order to find the perfect wave.
    Recently there has been a move by many of the large surf companies to become more environmentally friendly in the production of their products.

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    it affects the enviroment when the board is shaped and they carve the fibres into little shard making it even harder to break down in landfill if you dont know this you dumb in the head

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