Does sulfur hold any nutritional value?



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    Sulfur can play an important part in human metabolism. Some amino acids have a sulfur molecule, and sulfur to sulfur interactions play an important role in protein shape. There are also sulfur functional groups on several important enzymes especially in detoxification pathways for eliminating certain types of molecules. That being said powdered sulfur is used as a pesticide. While our bodies do need sulfur molecules you obtain all the sulfur you need simply by eating and you certainly do not need to seek out sulfur in your diet.

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    Sulfur alone doesn’t have nutritional value, but like greenjellybean says above, it’s a key in many building blocks of proteins and vitamins. This is also where the smelliness of garlic and onions comes from, and why your breath smells bad even after brushing if you eat them; they’re rich in sulfur.

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