Does stinging nettle hurt worse than poison ivy?



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    Poison ivy does not hurt it just itches really bad. Nettles hurt for a short period of time, stinging and itching like crazy. If you have water on hand you can rinse it off and the feeling should go away. Poison ivy you cannot rinse off, and will be there much longer than a nettle encounter.

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    Both stinging nettle and poison ivy result in an itch, and as the name suggests, touching the fresh leaves of a stinging nettle can, well, sting. Both plants cause a rash that looks similar but only bad cases of poison ivy result in pain.

    The amount of pain you experience from either of these plants depends on your sensitivity.
    Either way, you’ll be uncomfortable.

    Check the links below for tips on how to alleviate pain caused by poison ivy and stinging nettle.

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