Does starbucks recycle their cups?



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    Starbucks paper cups (and most paper hot cups) are lined with polyethylene and are not recyclable. Some coffee shops are moving towards cups lined with a corn based product that is biodegradable.

    Iced coffee drink cups are usually plastic #1 or #2 (forms of polyethylene). Because the polyethylene isn’t stuck to paper, you CAN recycle these cups just like you recycle milk cartons, etc.

    You should do it yourself, though, and not count on Starbucks to lift a finger.

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    Starbucks hot cups are made from 10% recycled materials but they cannot be recycled because they are comprised of both paper and plastic. The low-density polyethylene plastic liner of the hot-cup makes them unrecyclable in paper systems.

    Even the plastic cups used in most Starbucks facilities for cold beverages are made from polyethylene terephthalate plastic which is not accepted by most recycling facilities. In 2008, Starbucks started the change over to polypropylene cups which can be recycled.

    Until Starbucks offers recyclable hot cups, bring your own mug.

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