Does starbucks have any eco friendly coffee options?



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    While Starbucks has lessened the number of store locations over the years, the new stores they are opening are more Eco friendly. They are using more recycled furniture for their decor, such as cabinets made from fallen trees and seeking LEED certification.

    As for coffee production itself, Starbucks is attempting, according to their website, to create recyclable coffee cups and reduce their water usage.

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    Starbucks is selling organic shade grown coffee.  Shade grown coffee does not require tracks of land to be cleared.  Farmers use the understory of the rainforest to grown their coffee plants, leaving the natural environment not only for the surrounding foliage but for the animals as well.  This method of growing coffee greatly reduces the environmental impact.

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    Another step you can take to be more environmentally conscious when you order at Starbucks is to bring your own reusable coffee mug or tumbler.  The use of reusable mugs not only reduces the consumption of wood, water, and energy, but also decreases air pollution and the creation of solid waste.  Furthermore, Starbucks gives a discount of 10 cents off any beverage order when you bring your own cup.Starbucks Reusable Tumbler

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