Does Starbucks buy Fair Trade coffee?



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    Yup, not all of its coffee is fair trade in the US though (it is the UK & Ireland). Even still, it remains one of the biggest purchasers of fair trade coffee in the world. Apparently, in Starbucks stores, a barista will gladly brew you a pot, but you have to request it specifically.

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    Yes, Starbucks is in fact the largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in the world. It was reported that as of this year Starbucks raised the bar by purchasing 40 million pounds of fair trade coffee as compared to the 20 million pounds it bought last year. “Also central to Starbucks effort to source ethically traded coffee will be an expansion of their work with Fair Trade farmers to enhance coffee quality and profitability through improved environmental and agricultural practices. To accomplish this they will leverage Starbucks Farmer Support Centers in Costa Rica and Africa, as well as current investments in programs that provide farmers access to credit.”

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