Does soy yogurt provide the same digestion benefits as regular yogurt?



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    Just as with regular yogurt, soy yogurt contains healthy lactobacteria, which have a postitive effect on the digestive system and particularly the colon. Soy yogurt is also known to help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

    Both soy yogurt and dairy-based yogurt have similar health benefits and both are recommended for daily consumption as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Enjoy them with fresh winter berries or summer strawberries for an antioxidant boost.

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    As someone who’s battled with dairy for long enough to finally cut it completely out my diet…I would say depending on who you are the health benefits are quite different.  Though some would say dairy yogurt contains the necessary bacteria (L. Acidophilus) to help you digest it, I would ask, “do I want to have to make sure the food I’m eating has bacteria in it so I can properly digest it?”  

    When you have the option to either consume yogurt created from the excretions of an animal or yogurt that’s plant based, I pick the plant every time 🙂  

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    It generally has the same benefits, yes.  It’s just a different form of the same thing.  Consider it like soymilk; it has many of the same benefits of milk, but it’s in a form that people who are lactose intolerant or choose not to eat dairy can also enjoy.

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