Does soy farming lead to deforestation?



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    Any farming may lead to deforestation if it is expanding into areas previously covered by forest. In the Amazon basin, loss of the tropical rainforest is famous, and one of the primary reasons for that (along with selling lumber) is clearing land for farming. And most of the time, the latter is either for grazing cattle or raising soybeans. An interesting twist on that is that a major portion of the soybeans grown in Brazil are used to produce biofuel, which doesn’t seem all that green considering the effects of deforestation.

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    Soybean farms in the U.S. are mostly in the midwest. While the native ecosystem of the Great Plains is not a forest, it is a similarly complex community of perennial grasses and grazers that have been for a large part replaced by monocultures (of soy, wheat and corn). Only 20% of the Great Plains remains in fragmented patches.  

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