Does Southwest Airlines have a green plane?



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    Yes, Southwest Airlines does in fact have a green plane. It is a four-year-old WN222 that has a redesigned interior consisting of eco-friendly products. These include: InterfaceFLOR carpet, which is recyclable and installed in easily replaceable sections; lighter weight and more durable seat covers; smaller life vest pouch; and a couple other changes in material that offer more durability and lighter weight. Southwest anticipates that these changes amount to a savings of five pounds per seat, which lowers fuel use and emissions. Additionally, the use of more durable materials reduces materials and labor, savings to both the environment and pocketbook. Southwest intends for the Green Plane to serve as something of an ecofriendly “flying laboratory”, with continual product assessment and customer feedback. This information will be used by Southwest and its vendors to find the best products and design for future planes.

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