Does sounds travel through liquids good?



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    Sounds actually travel through liquids faster than through the air! This is because the molecules are more tightly packed together; sounds actually travel the fastest through solids, but liquids and solids can also distort the sound so that the quality doesn’t seem as good to us. But many sea creatures, like whales and dolphins, depend on the fact that sound can travel over long distances in water so that they can communicate, The next time you and a friend are in the pool, try talking underwater as proof that sound can carry!

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    I agree with the other answer. Sound does travel faster underwater. You know how when you have your head underwater in a pool or bathtub and you can hear every bang and clang really loud? I used to play with that as a kid. I’d put my head underwater and then bang my knuckles on the tub. When my head was out of the water, I’d barely hear it, but underwater it was loud. 

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    Yes, that’s al true. In fact, sharks can hear better than humans because the water makes the sound reach further. But unfortunately, we are incapable of hearing under water. Hurray for the sharks everybody!

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