does soda or alcohol have major effects on fish?

so people dont get the idea that my fish are swimming in booz or coke im writing a book and the main charecter is a fish…a BIG one…like megalodon big (im joking…kinda hes 7′ 4″ but he still has human dna in him 1/5 anyway and another 5th is lungfish if that matters but his main appearence is megalodon again if that matters)



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    Alcohol will do one of two things, it can pickle the fish, preserving and tastifying it for a time. Or it will kill them in sufficient concentration. Soda is highly acidic. If left in a pool of Coca-Cola, a penny will completely dissolve. It would not be good for fish. Since you are writing a book about a fictional creature, you have the option of making that creature immune to both with a single sentence. It sounds like the issue might have more to do with how you are willing to think about your character than what you intend to do to said character. If maintaining parrallel effects of toxic substances between fish and your character are important, you might want to think about this. If not, you may be able to open some interesting doors in promoting this fantastic creature’s resilience. Hope this helps!

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      im attempting to keep it realistic as possible with the main charecters it helps a bit but the charecter is more human and megalodon then anything else it takes human form but has a shark…being…know what i mean?…but what i want to know is if a shark were to consume alcohol or soda and gets through his gills what exactly would it do?

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      Okay, so you want this guy to react how a shark would. A shark’s tolerance for alcohol or soda would be very, very low if passed through the gills. Gills filter oxygen out of water, which is why a shark must remain in constant motion. If they stop swimming, water stops passing through their gills, and they stop breathing and die. If a shark were (horrifyingly) submerged into a tank of soda, it would likely experience a great deal of pain before it died from the experience. Gas concentration is important for aquatic life and many species are very sensitive to this, which is why ‘dead zones’ (very poorly oxygenated areas of the oceans) have become such a concern in recent decades. The carbonation in soda would enter the sharks blood stream, lowering the oxygen percentage in the blood and raising the carbon dioxide level dramatically. This might send the shark into cardiac arrest.

      If submerged (please, no) into a tank of alcohol, a shark would probably be much worse off than in soda. Alcohol tends to pull oxygen out of things, and dry them up. Alcohol also lacks proficient sodium, which impedes fluid intake. Imagine trying to breathe alcohol, if you had lungs you would drown and it would burn. If you had gills, it would be like snorting the alcohol until you drowned. Truly a horrifying prospect.

      If you are interested in keeping it as ‘realistic’ as possible either keep this creature as far away from these scenarios as possible, or present them as great dangers to the creature.

      Sounds like a very interesting piece! Happy writing!

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      ok one…holy F**K you know alot about sharks and conditions or you know a good site for info and two hes not a creature hes a man but his lungs got screwed up in a firefight in dekke iraq so this operation was going to save his life but he was giving lungfish dna giving him a third lung so he could breath but he was supposed to go back to war in order to save his daughter so he was givin more strands of dna such as megalodon, cave angle fish, electric eel,ect he bonded so well his body handled it decently and back he went to save his daughter

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