Does the show survivor teach people about the environment?



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    I have not been able to find any data that shows that Survivor teaches people about the environment. The program does illuminate different geographical and cultural aspects of the world and also helps people to understand the different climates and weather patterns found in different locations across the world. The program definitely provides an opportunity to teach about the environment though, maybe the directors should consider that for the show.

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    From the episodes of Survivor that I have watched, there is little information and education about the environment.  The show is mostly a series of challenges and teaches people more about how to form alliances with others and how to stab them in the back later, all while being the most savage and selfish person in the group.  If you want to watch shows that teach you about the environment, check out the shows called Survivor Man and Man vs. Wild.  These shows put two different guys, and a camera crews, in the wild and let them survive it out.  Very educational, entertaining, and informative.

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    I agree.  The show offers little to no education about the environment save for highlighting specific cultural beliefs or artifacts.  However, that itself is very brief and superficial, and only done to create challenges in the show.  The one positive for the environment, if any, is that it showcases beautiful locales around the world, including flora and fauna, that otherwise may not be seen by many.  In all though, the show simple serves as entertainment.

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