does sedimentary rock clean water?



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    To some extent, sedimentary rock will clean water. Because sedimentary rock is composed of small particles pressed together, it acts like a natural filter, culling out other small particles from the water in addition to keeping larger objects from moving with the water that is flowing over and through a sedimentary rock. However, it will not prevent microorganisms and bacteria from occurring in water. Interestingly, there is a certain kind of swimming pool filter called a Diatomaceous Earth filter that is used to keep dust, dirt, and other particles out of pool water. The filter is made of sedimentary rocks that have been crushed into a powder and placed in a filtration system.

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    Keep in mind that as it traps ‘dirt’ like pollution, and chemicals, those particles are kept in the rock. The pollution does not disappear, it is just stored in the rock. Eventually is will probably be washed through the groundwater system into a stream.

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