Does sea world ever let their animals out in large tanks?



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    No. There is a lot of controversy about SeaWorld and their tank policies. You may have heard about the recent PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) lawsuit, which claims that the whales are equivalent to illegal slaves. The latest on that can be found in this news article at the following link:

    PETA is concerned with the safety of both humans and animals at SeaWorld, claiming that the recent death of a SeaWorld trainer was caused by a frustrated whale, who was stressed because of its living conditions. PETA says that “In the wild, dolphins swim up to 100 miles a day in the open ocean, but captive dolphins are confined to small tanks in which the reverberations of their sonar bounce off the walls, driving them insane.” Whales are as social as they are large and SeaWorld does not facilitate either of these inherent characteristics. Some go as far to claim that SeaWorld actually has the financial capacity to make the living conditions better, meaning larger tanks, but that makes the aquatic life harder to control and the larger tanks are less suitable to performance.  

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