Does the SD zoo have a successful panda breeding program?



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    The San Diego Zoo is one of the four zoos in the United States that is home to giant pandas, and they have one of the world’s most successful panda breeding programs –in 1999 they became the first to reproduce a Giant Panda outside of China where the panda species originates. Currently, the San Diego Zoo is home to five Giant Pandas. According to the Beijing Review, the San Diego Zoo began breeding Giant Pandas as a part of their conservation and research program in order to develop ways of aiding conservation initiatives in both the United States and China. The San Diego Zoo has done an excellent job of providing the right temperature, food and environment for the Giant Pandas and since 1996 their pandas have done well adjusting to their living environments. The zoo also the developed the first research and conservation program in China in 2006 in order to learn more about the behavior and lifestyle of pandas.

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