Does scar tissue heal hard?



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    Scar tissue is the body’s way of healing itself after damage to the skin or organs; it is fibrous, connective tissue used as a protective barrier and the closest thing your body is able to do to replicate the original tissue. Scar tissue is generally thicker and more dense than normal tissue, but there are different types of scars that result. Skin scars are normally flat, but oftentimes they can heal extra thick or raised when the body creates too much fibrous tissue. Hyptertrophic scars are red lumps on the skin. Keloid scars continue to grow over the original wound, resulting in a kind of tumurous growth.

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    Yes, scar tissue is harder and has parts of it that form like hair or toe nail. This is because scar tissue has almost no blood supply. However, if the wound is very small and clean, no scarring will occur, so the scar won’t be hard.

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