Does salt have a smell?



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    Well if you’re thinking of table salt, then no, not really. A lot of times what you might smell from a container of table salt would be from the packaging, often cardboard, which can trap other odors. This question is easy to answer yourself, though — pour some table salt out and see for yourself!

    If you’re thinking of smelling salts, however, it is of course a whole different story, as their strong ammonia scent can arouse and stimulate your consciousness — in other words, wake you up (you can often see athletes using smelling salts on the sidelines before games). 

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    Epsom salts, which are magnesium sulfate not sodium chloride (table salt), does smell. However, table salt does not. At least whenever I have opened my salt shaker.

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    Yes it does, but table salt is not volatile — it has to be in combination with something else to bring out its smell. It has a taste, ergo, it also has a smell.

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