Does salt water boil faster than fresh water?



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    Salt water actually boils slower than fresh water.  Every 58 grams of salt you add per kilogram of water will increase the boiling point about 1/2 degree Celsius.  The higher the boiling point, the longer the water will take to boil.

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    Fresh water and salt water do not boil any faster or slower than each other in a normal kitchen setting because the amount of salt typically added to the water is miniscule and doesn’t have much of an effect. Salt water in large amounts can raise the temperature at which water boils and presumably increases the time to reach boiling because it is a higher temperature.

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    Salt water boils slower than fresh water because it is a solution. When a single ingredient (water) becomes a solution (homogeneous mixture of more than one ingredient) its melting and boiling points will change. 

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