does room fresheners affect the environment



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    Indoor environments are for the most part isolated from outdoor environments in terms of pollutant exchange unless you open a window or door to facilitate the exchange of air. Since indoor air is more stagnant than outdoor air, pollutants may accumulate indoors and not have the chance to decompose as they would outdoors.Thus, indoor air quality may actually be worse than outdoor air quality. So, you may want to open a window rather than using an air freshener.

    Long story short, anything with a scent releases volatile organic compounds. Humans are designed to intake volatile organic compounds in small quantities so that they can detect scents. In large quantities, volatile organic compounds can irritate the lungs and cause health problems. By using an air freshener, you are simply adding more pollutants to your home rather than dealing with the root cause of the offending odor by finding it and cleaning it.

    House plants can help filter pollutants out of indoor air. A study by NASA recommended that people use house plants instead of air fresheners to improve their indoor air quality.

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    Following along the line of happyhodges, some air fresheners, some commonly used in public bathrooms, for example, work by temporarily deadening your nose’s ability to smell. The effect wears off in a few minutes, but you can imagine the last thing you want to do at an expensive restaurant that you haven’t checked out is to wash your hands before eating!

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